Education has become one of the world’s most important growth sectors. The choice of school directly affects a child’s life chances. Parents everywhere are seeking a better education for their children. Nahda Group has been in the business for over 25 years. We understand the school business; we know the motivation and the expectations of parents and we know what it takes to make a great school. It starts with parents, they care passionately about the school their child attends. Parents want schools that can match their ambition and the aspirations of their children. They want a school that delivers tangible results, academic results and an education in both character and values. Sadly, not all parents have access to the quality they seek. Traditional solutions are not delivering quickly enough. Governments are struggling to keep up, new approaches to education are needed that challenge conventional thinking.
Thebes founder and chairman Dr. Seddik Affifi is a visionary education entrepreneur, he believes passionately in making quality education accessible to all communities by building great schools. To achieve that vision we have assembled some of the industries best educators, with a world-class management team at the center, top principles with international experience, and teachers who know how to educate and inspire. Fueled by our reputation for excellence in quality, we have developed a range of school models that teach in a British, American, National or International Baccalaureate setting, and we know how to operate these schools at different price points from the affordable to the premium. With a staff of over 1,000 professionals we are making private education accessible to communities all around Egypt. Our first school was founded and run by educators. It was a school that defined our approach to education; an approach built around listening to the community. This has helped us tailor our schools to the community’s needs.

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